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In our AUTOMATIC fleet we have: Nissan Leaf, Peugeot 208 & Mini Cooper

All our automatic cars are perfect learn in, they have superb all round visibility and have light and easy steering. They also have good head room and are very easy to manoeuvre.

See below the special adaptations for creating a safe environment for all.

All our cars also offer:

  • Air Conditioning

  • Fully Adjustable Seats

  • Powered Assisted Steering

  • ABS Braking System

  • Electric Windows & Mirrors

  • Air Bags (Driver & Passenger)

  • All learners covered with fully comprehensive Insurance


Our Nissan Leaf is FULLY electric and has many extra security features including 360° cameras & sensors


The classic Peugeot 208 is a very popular car to learn in


This is our smallest automatic car, so perfect if this is something you would prefer

Unfortunately DISABILITY TUITION is unavailable at the moment

Hand Brake and Accelerator

The hand operated accelerator is a handgrip to the right of the steering wheel and is fitted with and indicator switch on top.

Left Foot Accelerators

left-foot-acceleratorsThe picture shows both of the the accelerator pedals.(right is folded away) The larger pedal in the middle is the brake. Whichever pedal is in use the ,left or right, the other one swings up out of the way.

Single Handed Steering Adaptions

Ball and grip Lollipop both with infrared controls so that indicating, lights and wipers can be operated with the steering hand.

Hand Brake adaptions

We have a right angled hand attachment to assist in releasing the handbrake.

Seat Pads For Increased Hight and Mirror Accessories

Additional door mirrors that allow the driver, and importantly the instructor to see into blind spots. Seat pads can be provided to aid a comfortable and safe driving position.

Automatic Driving Lessons

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