What documents do I need to bring before starting my lessons?


Since the law changed on 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart of your driving licence is no longer valid. You are therefore no longer required to show this.

You still need to bring your actual photocard but now you need to do something extra so we can review any endorsements etc. You will need to go to the following web site via the link provided.


To bring up your licence details you will need your licence number, national insurance number and your postcode. After entering these details click on the link ‘Share your licence information‘ which will allow you to get a authorisation code which you can then forward to your instructor. You will also need to include the last 8 characters of your licence so that your instructor can check your licence details online in advance of your first lesson. If it’s not possible to forward this information you will need to bring the code with you on your first lesson.

Don’t forget.  It’s illegal for us to take you out without seeing these all details first.