At “Poets Corner” we offer intensive training courses tailored to your needs. We have courses ranging from 1-5 weeks which are perfect if you need/prefer to pass your test quickly.

We would recommend that you initially have a 1 hour assessment with one of our instructors who will then asses how many lessons you will need and then advise you on which books / CD-Roms you will need to pass your theory test.

Once you have passed your theory test we can also book your practical test, normally for a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Then we can schedule your lessons around your test date.

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Step 1 


One of our highly trained instructors assess how many lessons you will require.

Step 2

We will advise you on what books / CD-Roms to use to help you pass your theory.

Step 3

Once you have passed the theory test we will book your practical test for you.

Step 4


Take the required number of lessons to reach the test standard.

Step 5


Step 6 (Optional)


 Six more hours of extra tuition to make you a safer driver and also reduce your insurance costs!

Intensive Course:
10 Hours =    £340
16 Hours =    £544
20 Hours =    £680
30 Hours =  £1020
40 Hours =£1,360

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